• Private Practice Consultations

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    Being in private practice can be difficult and lonely. Navigating private practice alone in a different country is a whole new balancing act all together. I’ve had to create the private practice of my dreams by forging my own path in a different country other than my home country. Many people have reached out asking how I’ve done it and I’m passionate about helping other professionals navigate this.

    Why I’m I equipped to guide you? In my late 20’s I changed careers to pursue passion and purpose over climbing the corporate ladder. Today, I guide other people into the career they want and deserve. Industries are shifting and this calls for more innovation and self-leadership than ever before. I’ve helped many people find their footing in their practice and finally step in to their full potential. For information about my experience in this area check out the ‘About Me’ section. If you’re ready to take the first step into shifting your career, write to me. I promise you won’t regret it.